Personal Protection Officers (Bodyguards) are highly trained professionals who are entrusted with the personal safety and security of individuals. They often work for corporate leaders, political figures, celebrities and people who have a high risk of personal attack. 

When a company or a person hire Personal Protection Officers from Atlas Security & Investigations, we will schedule our PPO Supervisor to meet with you to design a Protection Structure to me your needs. Once, approved our PPO's will accompany you to public events or any other function. Or simply keep you safe and secure at any location, i.e. Home, Office etc.  Our PPO's are trained to identify potential dangers and take action to keep you safe. With scheduled events, out PPO supervisor design a safe route and a back up scenario, for vehicles and foot escorts. 

Working alone or as part of security team, Atlas Security & Investigations PPO's always stay close to their clients to observe the surroundings and prevent dangerous situations from escalating. For PPO duties in Texas, our State Licensed Personal Protection Officers carry concealed weapons and/or tasers and are training and certified to safely operate them in case of emergency. All of our PPO's are trained in CPR/AED/First Aid.

In today’s society, there are many good reasons to hire a Personal Protection Officer. At Atlas Security & Investigations, we train our PPO's to be alert and vigilant, ready for anything and to approach every assignment with the highest regard for courtesy, professionalism, detail, and discretion. All of our PPO's sign a Non-Disclosure agreement with the company to protect the client. 

High profile business leaders are often vulnerable when visiting the city for important meetings or handling highly sensitive material. Executive protection bodyguards are also useful during hostile termination situations, labor disputes, special events, planned travel, and the transport of valuable assets. Atlas Security & Investigations is also a State Licensed Courier Company.

Here are some of the Executive Protection Supervisor provides as part of the PPO package.

1. Perform an initial sweep of meeting spaces
2. Design safe routes of travel and alternative back-up routes
3. Coordinate with Lead PPO specific routes and procedures
4. Coordinate with client any special request or medical needs

Here are some of the services our PPO's provide.

1.  Drive the route before the actual escort, if planned event.
2.  Drive the client to and from business locations
3.  Check vehicles for IED devices and bombs
4.  Remain alert for potential attackers
5.  Provide protection during periods of travel
6.  React quickly to emergency situations to protect clients and innocent bystanders
7.  Closely monitor children to prevent kidnapping
8.  Keep you safe without compromising your privacy
9.  Provide flexible styles of protection, ,i.e. dress accordingly as not to stand out, if desired.
10. Escort clients to meetings, dinners, acting or music gigs (celebrities)
11. Accompany clients to music video sets and awards ceremonies
12. Escort clients during shopping excursions and personal visits
13. Identify potential threats in performance spaces, i.e Stalkers
14. Block the paths of aggressive paparazzis (photographers)